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Handcrafted-Outlier-Mousepad- by-CarveOn Outlier-Brand-material including iphone 5 case and Mousepad

They say if an ideas is strong enough it” easy to build on later. But it’s hard to find that strong idea right? Understatement. Far too often people think in one direction, they spend time building credibility in the marketing channels, making business cards etc. then realise they’ve saturated that media and now need to change direction. The opposite can be said for the crew at Carveon who are dominating a niche market with a fantastic business and by staying dynamic. “We don’t consider ourselves to be a fashion business or a product design business, we’re something different” explained Alan McCormack, who co-owns the business along with his brother Gary. Both guys have tremendous experience in the business world and both are keen to hone their craft having arrived at CarveOn from very different professional backgrounds, but what can be said is that it appears to be a journey worth taking. I’m seldom impressed by tech accessories nowadays, such is the enormous size of the market. To brek into tech accessories you have to have something truly unique. Having seen the range of products CarveOn are offering and where they plan to take this business, it’s hard not to be impressed by the quality, craftsmanship and all round ‘cool factor’ of the product designs.

Graphic design to Product design. CarveOn for Outlier

I came across the company while reading up on the Craft Council of Ireland. I was impressed then and i’m even more impressed now, I’d seen a number of their tech accessories in stores around Dublin and decided to ask them to make something for our company. Just something simple that promoted our message of ‘hand-crafted principles with Intuitive technology services’. What we basically mean is that while we offer web design and development services we want our clients and friends to feel that they’re part of a hand-crafted, careful considered approach, something almost tangible rather than entirely digital, like the good old days. Big idea? maybe.

 Outlier-Wooden-Case made by CarveOn. logo on wooden Wallnut case.

The Guys at CarveOn have so many brilliant tools available to them that it’s hard to stop with just a few bespoke pieces. We asked them to produce some iPhone Backplates, we decided that a Walnut backplate would look great with our logo engraved on it and that the desk accessories like Mousepads would be best served up in a soft brown leather which we were delighted with. The finished product is fantastic and only makes up want to start thinking of more things we could put our message on. That’s the real difference with CarveOn, not only can they deal with bespoke, personalised pieces they can easily scale up to large orders. While I was in their building I noticed a large stack of boxes heading out for delivery, each box had been laser engraved with the customer’s logo and inside was a number of personalised gifts for a golfing event, each was displayed face up in the presentation box, giving it a very high end feel. I really can’t recommend this company highly enough. If you’re looking for something special, something that will stand out amongst all that plastic, try giving CarveOn a try. They’re clearly experts in product development and sourcing of materials seems to be something they enjoy.

CarveOns range of tech accessories designed and manufactured in Ireland

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