Marketing with video is king!

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The Power of Video Marketing. Get better at it!

It would be ironic of us to spend long telling you with written text what the benefits of having video are. Instead just watch the 90 second (or so) video which shows some of the work we’ve done for clients in telecommunications, technology, Start-up finance, food and the film & TV industry. If you like what you see, we’d love to chat to you about your next project. If you want to engage up to 7x times more visitors to your site, we’d really love to hear from you. If it’s just not time for you to invest in video-marketing, no worries. But follow or share to help us spread the word that we’re here if anyone needs us. Sounds too desperate? fair enough, we just know it works so we want more people to use it.


5 Simple things to remember:

Keep it short

From a cost perspective and to ensure the viewer stays with you, its best to keep your videos to 90 second – 120 seconds tops. I think the official figure is about 70 seconds for maximum engagement. Short, snappy, and feel free to throw in… for more information check out… (and point them to more content)

Don’t go off-topic

The worst thing about video is that it’s like opening a box of celebrations at christmas. everyone is an expert in term of which is best and which one they prefer. Keep the message on track and ensure the communication is aimed at a problem a business or consumer might have and how your product or service addresses that.

keep the language simple, straight forward

Pretty much same as the above. Shorter snappier sentences will give a better overall experience and show that your company is confident it what it does. Don’t be vague, just be direct and stick to you key differentiators. ‘Here at Auto-Auto – We change tires in double quick time! get 4 new tires fitted and balanced in under 15 minutes! ‘

Make sure there’s movement

Keep the animation going, if it’s too static people wont stay interested , if you want a powerpoint presentation, do that, just don’t turn it into an expensive video!

Try not to follow too many trends

There are always trends when it comes to video. Try not to follow all of them ok? Keep the style consistent and ‘on-brand’ or at least in the same realm. Don’t just through 15 different colour schemes, if should stay focused on communicating a message, not resembling an 70’s disco! No matter what you’re trying to say 3-4 colours is plenty and they should compliment the message you’re trying to great. Have a read about ‘colour psychology’ before you turn everything ‘red because it the colour of successful football teams’. Or unless you’re Vodafone, Virgin or The Red Cross.



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