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Surprisingly well designed the Ariel Rider ebike could easily lighten our wallets. Some would say that ‘form follows function’ in the case of the Ariel Rider ebike form also follows trends

Designs fade, trends change with the seasons these days and yet the mechanics of the humble bicycle have barely changed in more than a 100 years of manufacture. Enter Ariel Rider, a Hong Kong based company bringing the bicycle in to the electric age!… Wait a minute, didn’t we have ebikes before? haven’t they been around for decades? well yes, but as with what the Apple iPhone did for the smartphone, Ariel Rider will do for cycling, if a little in reverse. The company is taking the classic lines of an early 1950’s cafe-racer and applying them to a modern ebike. What it shows us is that through regression you can find inspiration in design. The bike has all the modern features you’d expect from an electrically propelled two wheeler, disc brakes, throttle assisted speed controls, light-weight aluminium frame, ¬†increased safety features but also have added finesse in the form of hand-made leather grips and a ‘brooks’ inspired leather seating arrangement.

As the website says – ‘After all it’s not the destination, it’s the journey!’

Let’s hope they export!

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